This week, Expired Records drops their first hip-hop track “Dementia”. This is the second of 4 releases the label is doing as an official "launch" to their newest project.

We sit down with Wave MMLZ and Talons to dig a little deeper in to who they are.

EC: Let’s start with the track itself! How did you two come to put this song together?

Wave: We’ve been trying to do something together for a minute now! I know on my end, Expired hit me up and said they wanted me to get on something and just kinda explained the energy to me. Didn’t really tell me what to do or what to write about, I just had a mutual feeling of what he wanted to do, so I produced something and I rapped on it. I think he liked it, but it wasn’t exactly what he was going for, and to collab with the homie is nothing so we just kinda set this up and lined it up. I think Tyler just sent me that beat and then I rapped over it.

Talons: Yeah. I sent you a different beat first, then you rapped over it a little, sent it back, and Brandon was like “This is fire, but let’s change it up”

EC: So Brandon was super involved in the creative process of the song?

Talons: Yeah! He definitely deserves a lot of credit when it comes to the vision of it, I don’t think a lot of people know that. We’d just been going back and forth with stuff. We were gonna have other people mix and master, just experimenting with what sounded best. But after about a month of trial and error we got the one that we wanted.

EC: Let’s talk about you Wave, Russell, right? Tell me where your music journey started.

Wave: Yes, it is Russell. I have always loved music, when I was a little kid my mom said I would stop crying when she would put me next to the speaker and played Stone Temple Pilots. In middle school I started playing drums, and then by high school I was playing in bands. That’s actually how I met Tyler. I was in and out of bands, and I was over having to depend on other people to make music. So I just started producing and writing stuff. I was always writing lyrics, so it came naturally. I just had to fine tune it for myself. But I’ve been making music by myself ever since then.

EC: What are some obstacles you feel like you’ve had to overcome in the music world?

Wave: I think in our circumstances, particularly where we live. It’s a huge tourist city, and there’s always a lot going on. So, there’s the saturation aspect of things, where there’s always a hundred million other things happening. And then like the politics of like money and things that play into it, like there’s an EDM DJ in every huge club every night of the week, but how many local people do you know that are looked at for things even in that ballpark? We have to play against that.

EC: Do you think that gives you more of a drive because you’re up against that?

Wave: A little bit! It drives me to really find out who cares, and it drives me to cater to those people who do care. Because when you do get people to come to your show you appreciate that ten times more because you know they really could’ve been anywhere, but they chose to come vibe with you doin what you do.

EC: What message do you guys think you were trying to get across with this song?

Talons: I think the message that I’ve been feeling for it, is just to not have boundaries. I feel this song is a very good representation of the way the both of us make music. It has some elements that have the EDM trap vibes, and then his hip hop vibe. So I’m just hoping that it inspires some people, makes you wanna go do something and be great.

EC: Is there anything coming up that we should be on the look out for? More music, some shows? What’s in the works?

Wave: I’m dropping an EP called ‘The Upward Spiral’ that’s coming out September 30th, just a couple of days after we drop this. That’s really all I’m working on. I’ve been working on it for the past two years. Just getting everything together with the music and how I want it to come across.

Talons: I’m super hyped for that EP to come out, man! In October, I’m playing a show in San Diego with Papa Groove. I also have another release lined up, and then I’m just finishing up a bunch of collabs for the end of the year, so we can come out strong the beginning of next year.

EC: Guys, thank you for sitting down and talking with us!

Wave: Any time, this was fun!

Talons: Of course, thank you!

"Dementia” is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and any other platform you can think of. Click on the link below to listen!


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